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Cheetos Arrives in Soviet Unterzoegersdorf

A simple advertising program we put together for Cheetos and its agencies, Goodby Silverstein and OMD, has gone very, very wrong.

The idea was straight-forward: full-day roadblocks of all ad positions on several of FM’s sites and video shows that attract hipsters, such as Boing Boing, Uncrate, Outblush, Mashable, Makezine, Barely Political, You’re The Man Now Dog, and others. The team at Boing Boing Video agreed to produce the Cheetos commercial spots that would play as a mid-roll unit between editorial segments. Now, all of a sudden, Cheetos has become a plot line inside Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, a fictitious country (and soon-to-be video game) dreamed up by the art / technology / theory group Monochrom.

So Cheetos ends up with a Boingy ad that’s turning into a viral video, and Xeni Jardin thanks them for being rad. I hope I don’t get fired over this.

Check it out for yourself.

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