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Boing Boing's Journey from Internet Culture to Internet Counterculture

The Boingers

The story of how Boing Boing launched, built a profitable business, and still run it on their own terms. From Rob Walker’s profile in FastCompany:

“Boing Boing’s version of that tale is a little different. Frauenfelder and his partners didn’t rake in investment capital, recruit a big staff and a hotshot CEO, or otherwise attempt to leverage themselves into a ‘real’ media company. They didn’t even rent an office. They continued to treat their site as a side project, even as it became a business with revenue comfortably in the seven figures. Basically, they declined to professionalize. You could say they refused to grow up.”

Boing Boing TV's Road to CES Hits YouTube Homepage; Asus Goes Along for the Ride

BBtv Road to CES on YouTube

Asus is sponsoring Boing Boing TV’s Road to CES

Mosquito the Rapist aka Bloodlust rip

coverage to promote its crowdsourced laptop project, WePC, so when Boing Boing TV episodes make their way to prominent positions at places like YouTube, Asus wins too.Mosquito the Rapist aka Bloodlust video

Full Disclosure: NOTCOT and Boing Boing Show How Easy It Is

Conversational approaches to marketing are effective for marketers — and work better for readers — in part because they aren’t regular old banner ads. But, lest these programs confuse audiences (and, perhaps, piss them off), it’s important for participating sites to explain how the programs work.

Here’s Jean Aw at NOTCOT announcing her latest post at Comcast’s Fancast site.

NOTCOT Fancast Post

And Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin with her latest eclectic TV faves for the same.

Boing Boing Fancast Post

That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

Microsoft Underwrites 'Boing Boing TV World'

As Brian Morrissey at AdWeek puts it, “Brands Grab Web Video’s Long Tail.” In this case the brand is Microsoft (the charity-based I’M Initiative) and the long-tail video is Boing Boing TV.

BBtv World

“Xeni Jardin isn’t exactly a household name, but she has a sizable following. As one of the creators of the popular blog Boing Boing, Jardin’s a bona fide Web celebrity.

“Now, Microsoft is hoping she can lend some small-wattage star power to its ‘I’m Initiative,’ which promotes Microsoft instant-messaging and e-mail by tying them to social causes. Through a deal brokered by Federated Media, Microsoft is underwriting episodes of a new Jardin-produced Web series, ‘Boing Boing TV World,’ which gives snapshots of international cultures.”

Nine Very Sexy Bloggers

Playboy is out with its list of the hottest web bloggers. It’s times like these where I’m especially thankful that I have a formal business relationship with Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin (one of the nine), otherwise it would make for an awkward conversation with my wife as to why I’m visiting

Xeni in Playboy

Clearly Playboy is hip to the Web 2.0 ethos: They’re inviting readers to pick the next online playmate!

Playboy Lets You Pick

As of this posting, Brigitte Dale is leading the voting.

Brigitte Dale