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Media Consumption Among 8-18 Year Olds

Interesting stats from the latest Kaiser Family Foundation study of media consumption among young people (via Business Insider):

Young people spend more time consuming media on their cellphones than talking into them.

Media v Talking via Cellphones

They’re watching 38 more minutes per day of TV content in 2009 versus 2004, but 25 minutes less (per day) of it is live on an actual TV.

TV content up while live TV-watching is down

Reading books is up almost 20% (21 minutes to 25 minutes per day) since 1999. But magazine and newspaper reading are down 40% and 57%, respectively, to 9 minutes and 3 minutes per day. Time spent reading anything on paper (38 minutes) is dwarfed by time spent watching TV content (4 hours 29 minutes) or time in front of a computer (1 hour 29 minutes).

Time spent reading books, magazines and newspapers

More Americans Listen to Radio than Go Online

Nielsen media consumption data

More at Silicon Alley Insider.

2009 Ad Spending Expected To Be Down 5.1%

Yikes, that’s an ugly trough representing 2009 US ad spending by the top 100 spenders.

2008 v 2008 US ad spending

Two-thousand eight was no walk in the park — down 2.7% for the year, and down 3.8% if you just count measured media like TV and print advertising — but even in last year’s tough climate 50 of the top 100 brands increased their media spends. Some of the strongest brands, in fact, increased investment to gain share against competitors seeking to conserve cash. As every business person knows (but few have the stomach to actually do it), aggressive market leaders tend to become during bleak economic times.

“Among the big gainers was Walmart Stores, which boosted estimated total U.S. ad spending 15.9% to $1.66 billion. The giant discount retailer turned recession into opportunity; measured media spending on its flagship Walmart chain soared 66.4%, making Walmart the nation’s fifth-most-advertised brand.”

ZenithOptimedia forecasts an 8.7% decline in overall US media spending in 2009. Wow. Count on a banner year for dominant players beating up on the industry wimps!

Times are less bad for digital. Back in April eMarketer lowered its estimate for , to $24.5 billion, which would still be 4.5% better than 2008.

More at .

Fox to Air Content Clips in Commercial Pods

From Ad Age


“The News Corp. network will also run pieces of content during ad breaks crafted by the producers of the shows running on air at the time, part of another move to keep audiences rooted to the screen during commercial interruptions.”

Scram! rip

Not a bad idea — it brings the advertiser closer to what viewers came to watch, the programming content. But it still suggests that the commercial content isn’t good enough or relevant enough to hold viewers on its own. At some point, the brands need to do a better job making great content themselves.

16 Blocks trailer

The Long Weekend ipod

You Thought Newspapers Had It Bad, Check Out Local TV

From :

“It is getting so bad for local television stations that some are turning to newspapers for help…. The news for stations has been grim lately: without election advertisements to defray the losses in automotive ads, a cross section of station owners reported 20 percent to 30 percent quarterly drops in revenue last week, suggesting that the local TV business is almost as weak as its print counterpart.”

Tough Times for Broadcast TV

With viewership numbers down (3 million viewers, or 7% of the audience, went elsewhere in Q4 08); advertising rates falling (the average prime time spot was down 15% in Q4), production costs rising ($3 million per hour of network drama) and the re-run market shrinking as cable networks do more original programming on their own, it’s dire days for the big four broadcast TV networks.

All In The Family, #1 in 1978-79, reached 30.5% of TV households; Desparate Housewives, #1 in 2007-08, reached only 10.9%.

All In The Family, #1 in 1978-79, reached 30.5% of TV households; Desparate Housewives, #1 in 2007-08, reached only 10.9%.

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Andrew Frank: Super Bowl Advertisers Fumble Their Keywords

Gartner’s Andrew Frank

Ultraviolet movie full

on Sunday’s big spenders who forgot to invest the pocket change on related paid search.

“What do ‘Shankapotamus,’ ‘PepSuber,’ ‘drinkability,’ and ‘LMAO’ have in common? Two things, actually. First, they’re all words that advertisers spent $100,000 per second to build buzz around during the Super Bowl, and secondly, they were all available as search terms on Google the morning after the advertising aired.”

Oh my. I know this is mean of mean to say, but I hope at least 4 people lost their jobs today.

TV Advertising Will Be Down $3 Billion in 2009

From Ad Age

Young Guns divx


“Research firm eMarketer has some sobering news Jacknife release for the TV networks: You’re not booking $70 billion in ad revenue in 2009. Try about $66.9 billion, or about 4.2% less than the $69.8 billion of advertising sold on network and cable TV in the U.S. in 2008.”

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This isn’t terribly surprising, given the state of the economy. What will be more interesting to watch is what happens after the economy emerges from the recession. Will the old media-buying habits pick up where they left off, and those dollars will flow back to TV, bigger than before? Or did we just witness the high-water mark for TV ad spending?

I Hope Nabisco Didn't Pay for This Ad

Unless this YouTube clip has been doctored, commercials for Kraft’s Nabisco Premium Plus crackers ran in the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, an episode in which one of characters commits suicide with a pistol to her head. (Skip the below clip if you want to avoid a gory scene.) In the Nabisco ads which immediately follow that image, Nabisco crackers thrown into soup bowls create fountains of splattering tomato soup, choreographed to a song whose lyrics are “I just want to celebrate another day of living.”

It just goes to show, those awkward adjacencies don’t just happen on the web!

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NBC Won Inauguration Ratings, Unless You Count

According to the ratings, NBC had the most TV viewers among those tuned into to Obama’s inauguration at 12.2 million. But CNN clobbered that number, if you count viewers of the live video stream on its website: Nearly 27 million.


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