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Pop-Up Magazine: Dinner 9/24/14

Last week my colleagues put together Dinner, a special food edition of Pop-Up Magazine: Sixteen food-themed stories served up alongside a meal created by chef and food writer Samin Nosrat. Some artifacts from the evening.

Pop-Up Magazine Dinner menu
A pop-up menu for Pop-Up Magazine.

Tucker Nichols napkin
Napkins by Tucker Nichols that suggest topics for conversation.

Wendy MacNaughton infographic water glass
Water glass infographic by Wendy MacNaughton to illustrate the California draught.

Memory cookies from Pop-Up Magazine
Sixteen small cookies, each built around an ingredient featured in one of the evening’s stories — from subtle (water) to unusual (charcoal and smoke) to daring (chicken fat).

Proposed Taglines for US Postal Service

How cool would it be if the US Postal Service actually adopted one (or several) of these suggested taglines?!

Tucker Nichols Taglines for USPS

The above is an art piece by San Francisco artist (and a pal), Tucker Nichols. It ran as an Op-Art in the New York Times two years ago. (Don’t give me that look. What, you’ve never fallen behind on your reading?!)