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Tumblr Strategy for Brands: Focus on Images

Above: Vogue’s Tumblr, where posted photos regularly receive more than 2000 notes — including reblogs, Likes and comments.

From’s Essential Guide for Brands on Tumblr, which counsels brands to focus on images:

This goes for all social platforms… keep your copy short and let the images and links do your talking. If this is too daunting, or if you don’t have the type of content that would fit this approach, you may want to rethink whether Tumblr’s the best medium for you to reach your fans.

See also Target’s use of Tumblr to support limited-time social media events such as its recent pop-up store to support the launch of the Missoni line.

(Via David Veneski.)

200 Brands With the Largest Ad Budgets

Would you have guessed that Chevy spends more than Ford or Toyota? Or that Macy’s spends more than Target? Other rankings that surprised me: Arm & Hammer spends more than Gatorade, Kia spends more than Volkswagen, and Ashley Furniture spends more than Ikea.

Check out this great infographic that ranks the top 200 brands by the size of their 2009 and 2010 ad budgets.

Top Auto Ad Spenders

The top two in each category (first, second):

Auto: Chevy, Ford
Retail: Walmart, Macy’s
Apparel: Skechers, Nike
Telecom: AT&T, Verizon
Restaurants: McDonald’s, Subway
Food and Beverage: Coke, Campbell
Beer: Budweiser, Miller
Cleaning Products: Tide, Clorox
Financial Services: American Express, Chase
Beauty and Personal Care: L’Oreal Paris, Olay
Insurance: Geico, Progressive
Consumer Electronics: Microsoft, Apple
Media: DirecTV, Dish Network
Drugs: Lipitor, Cialis

Six of Top 10 Brands Among Kids Are Food


According to research by Harris Interactive, 8-24 year olds have the greatest affinity to food and snack brands. Six of the most popular brands among kids are edible: M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Oreo’s, Subway, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, and Doritos.

Top 10 Brands Among Kids

No wonder we’re all getting a little chunky these days.

Via 5 Blogs Before Lunch.

Where's Alexander McQueen: Target Hides McQueeny Dolls at NOTCOT

To promote that Alexander McQueen’s clothes are now available at Target

, the retailer launched an easter-egg contest on NOTCOT.ORG The Company of Wolves hd

. In addition to ad units, like this custom belly-band across the footer of the site,

Target's McQueen Belly-Band Ad on NOTCOT

the “McQueeny Doll” — a Blythe doll dressed in mini McQueen outfits — is hidden behind featured photos throughout NOTCOT.

McQueeny Doll Hidden on NOTCOT

The McQueeny Doll also shows up in the lyrics of The Duke Spirit’s

The Sandlot psp

new album, which is available at Target too.

(Disclosures: NOTCOT is part of the FM family, and FM put this program together with the help of Target and its ad agency. I have no idea who The Duke Spirit is.)

Target's Holiday Blog, Assisted by FM Authors, Wins Fans

Target has launched Christmas Wrapped, a site with tips and tricks for holiday entertaining. The tips and tricks come from home craft and parenting bloggers such as Mighty Girl, Parent Hacks and The Pioneer Woman, and Target uses the site’s advertising and promotional sections to point to gift ideas like the Home Stars and Moon Fireplace.

Target’s Christmas Wrapped

The concept — a retailer acting like a publisher, providing useful lifestyle tips in addition to product offers — is adding to the ranks of the I Heart Target club, like this Twitterer who felt compelled to tell her network about it:

Twitterer Loves Target Site