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Solve Media Replaces Lame CAPTCHA Process with Less Lame Ad-Supported Reg Verification System

Solve Media vs Standard CAPTCHA

Solve Media’s concept is to replace that annoying process called CAPTCHA, where you’re asked to prove your humanness by reading and re-typing a few words that software robots (and many humans) can’t read, with paid ad placements.

From All Things D:

“The idea is that [Solve Media's] ads require users to engage with them, by typing in the names of brands and products. But they don’t do anything beyond that — they don’t trigger a video, or take you to another Web site, or anything else. It’s sort of like sitting on your couch and uttering ‘Outback’ every time a Subaru spot comes on.

“[CEO Ari Jacoby] claims his ‘type-in’ ads will increase Web surfer’s recall of the ads, for the same reason that writing anything down makes it easier to remember.”

Seems like a win to me. The CAPTCHA experience is universally despised by users, but it’s essential for publishers looking to keep spammers from meddling with their content. Improve a bad but necessary experience, AND make money for revenue-hungry content creators? What’s not to love?!