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Customer Loyalty v. Customer Satisfaction

Rohit Bhargava posits that good service alone won’t win lasting loyalty. A big part is that emotional thing called brand affinity.

“The fact is, in today’s market customer satisfaction doesn’t matter as much as customer loyalty. So how do you generate this loyalty? A small part of that may be your customer service. A greater part is whether your product or service actually delivers. The rest depends on the personality of your brand and whether it gives people a sense of belonging and participation that makes them unlikely to switch no matter what else comes along. That last part is what word of mouth marketing focuses on. It’s what social media can be great at igniting. Most importantly, it’s the one thing that only the best companies ever figure out.”

Pink Panther 2 video

CMOs Aren't Adequately Tracking Social Media

From Ad Age:

“Despite all the hype about social media, only 16% of respondents said their companies have any routine system in place for monitoring what people are saying about them or their brands online…

“One problem for marketing executives is that they’re not clearly in charge now of managing the customer experience, customer loyalty or social media today, given that public-relations, sales, consumer-affairs and research-and-development departments all have a stake in those areas now.” The World According to Garp movie download

Kinda sounds like a cop out to me.

Sam Whitmore: Is Social Media Killing PR?

Sam’s short answer: nope. But marketing tactics, skillsets and strategies are evolving fast.

“PR budgets, traditionally defined, won’t be rising anytime soon. When the economy comes back, opportunity will look different. It already does. Look at Federated Media with its “conversational marketing” initiatives. Look at BzzAgent and its WOM initiatives. New elements are emerging. They’re not killing PR. But they’re casting a shadow. How to step out from it might make for a good follow-up panel.”

Forrester's Owyang Calls BMW Drawing Contest Best of Social Network Marketing, 2008

Among Jeremiah Owyang’s Best and Worst Social Network Marketing round up, BMW’s Graffiti drawing contest in Facebook gets the top score.

BMW Submissions

Thanks, Jeremiah!

Latin Americans More Socially Networked Than The Rest of Us

According to a colleague in Intel’s Latin America marketing group (I missed her data source), 70% of the online population in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia read blogs, and 35% of them write blogs. Sixty-percent of Mexican Internet users and 75% of Brazil Internet users are members of social networks such as Facebook or Orkut — versus 35% of Internet users worldwide.

Map of Latin America

Lenovo's Olympics App for Facebook, Hi5

Lenovo Olympics App

Lenovo has launched an app in Facebook and Hi5 that allows Olympics fans to root for their teams and follow their favorite athletes through blog posts from Beijing. In the words of my colleague James Gross:

“What an awesome way to showcase that advertising can equal media and all participants can benefit. Lenovo, led by David Churbuck, was visionary to create a strategy with Olympic Athletes and online platforms for long term attention share around the Olympic Games. From aggregating Olympic bloggers, to the application that Citizen Sports built for social networks like Facebook and Hi5, to communication platforms like Twitter. Lenovo has recognized that they can differentiate themselves through allowing people to use their brand to create and distribute media.”

Here’s Pete Spande’s write up.

The Ad Format for Social Media: Sponsored Questions

Social Media’s Seth Goldstein posits that sponsored questions are to social media advertising what keywords are to search marketing: the ad unit that’s native to the user experience. And the performance metric will become “cost per conversation.”

Excerpts of his IAB keynote via 3 Minute Ad Age.

Charlene Li: Social Networks Go From 'Platforms' to 'Air We Breathe'

Most people talk about social networking services as platforms on which to build communities and media. Forrester’s Charlene Li goes a step further:

“I believe they (and we) will look back to 2008 and think it archaic and quaint that we had to go to a destination like Facebook or LinkedIn to ‘be social.’ Instead, I believe that in the future, social networks will be like air. They will be anywhere and everywhere we need and want them to be. And also, without that social context in our connected lives, we won’t really feel like we are truly living and alive, just as without sufficient air, we won’t really be able to breathe deeply.”

Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Social Media Buzz

Your customers are 3 times more likely to trust opinions from their peers than advertising messages from you, according to Jupiter data published at eMarketer. This isn’t new, of course. Peers have always been our most trusted resource for buying information. Only now — in this conversational media world — we can track all those watercooler conversations about our brands.

eMarketer: Peers over Ads

Jeremiah Owyang, MediaPost Cover Dell's Facebook Graffiti Contest

Jeremiah Owyang, at his site, writes up a case study of Dell’s Facebook Graffiti Contest, part of its ReGeneration campaign. His “what could have been better” section — that conversational campaigns should be given longer life spans, and that the content they produce should be given more exposure too — is worth a full read at his site. His summary of the campaign overall:

“Unlike most marketing campaigns that deploy heavy ads, fake viral videos, or message bombardment, this campaign let go to gain more. Overall, this is a successful campaign as they turned the action over to the community, let them take charge, decide on the winners, all under the context of the regeneration campaign. The campaign moved the active community from Facebook closer to the branded Microsite, closer to the corporate website, migrating users in an opt-in manner that lead to hundreds of comments was clever. Well done.”

And MediaPost’s Social Media Insider blog says:

“There are a lot of impressive stats here: 1.1 million people voted on their favorite illustration, 7,300 people entered a submission, the contest has almost 1,300 friends, and there are currently 209 comments to the post at announcing the winners. Clearly, Dell’s ReGeneration effort supports [FM CEO John] Battelle’s contention that social media may finally make online advertising much more interesting to users than the ongoing crop of forgettable banner campaigns.”