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Kantar Media Report on US Ad Spending, First Half 2011

Kantar Media’s report on US ad spending for the first half of 2011 (full infographic) shows the Q2 year-over-year investment up 2.8% over 2010, slower growth than in Q1, which was up 4.4% over last year. TV is still the biggest piece of the ad-spending pie, but growth is coming from national syndication (up 18.5%) and cable (up 11.8%), not the big networks (down 7.6%). Internet advertising added up to nearly $12 billion in the first half, with 57% coming from paid search. The five biggest spenders: Progressive, Verizon, Experian, GM and AT&T.

Digital Ad Spend Will Hit $77 Billion By 2016

According to Forrester Research: “By 2016, advertisers will spend $77 billion on interactive marketing — or as much as they do on TV today.”

Interactive marketing includes paid search, online display, mobile, email and social media marketing, which together will represent 35% of all ad spending in 2016. Forrester predicts search marketing will lose share (to 44% from today’s 55%) and daily deals will lose their appeal.

More at Mediapost.

Marketshare: US Online Display Ad Spending

From Wall Street Journal’s article AOL Growth Comes At A Cost, which says “[AOL] isn’t earning enough money selling ads on those sites to cover its costs for a profitable business, analysts say.”

Online Display Ad Spending to Pass Paid Search by 2015

eMarketer predicts US marketers will spend $12.33 billion in online display advertising (including online video, banner ads, rich media and sponsorships) versus the $14.38 billion they’ll spend on search advertising. By 2015, display spending will surpass search.

eMarketer display v search spending thru 2015

“The rise of display advertising, in particular online video, goes hand in hand with a rise in usage of digital advertising for branding. Online advertising, long considered primarily for direct response, still leans in that direction. But branding is increasing in importance as better ad vehicles develop for this purpose and market dollars flow.”

More at eMarketer.

Google’s Top Paid Search Advertisers in Q1 2011

Amazon: $35.1 million
AT&T: $34.6 million
State Farm: $28.7 million
Capital One: $28.1 million
Expedia: $24.3 million
Progressive Insurance: $22.9 million
Geico: $20.9 million
Chase: $20.8 million
Verizon: $18.8 million
Scottrade: $17.5 million

Those 10 alone spent $252 million with Google in Q1, up 57.5% from Q1 of last year according to Kantar Media. More at Mediapost, including an emerging marketing arms race among the online travel sites.

Online Advertisers Spent $26 Billion in 2010

The IAB’s report on 2010 online ad spending published today. Retailers led the charge with 21% of the market, spending $5.5 billion.

2010 Online Ad Spending by Category

Time for me to retire that “Recession” tag?

Google's Biggest Advertisers

Paid search advertising spend (US only) with Google in Q4 2010 as estimated by Kantar Media (Mediapost).

Google's Top Advertisers Paid Search Q4 2010

US Online Ad Revenues Up 17% in Q3 2010

Quarterly Online Ad Rev Since 2001

US online advertising for Q3 2010 came in at $6.4 billion, up 17% over the third quarter of 2009. More at SAI.

Chart: 2011 Online Ad Spend Forecasts

2011 Online Ad Spend Forecasts

US-based online advertisers spent $12.1 billion in the first half of 2010, up 11% over the same period in 2009. PaidContent rounds up the 2011 forecasts, and they’re all showing a rosy year ahead.

Online Ad Spending Up 11%, 2010 vs 2009

eMarketer 2010 Online Ad Spending

Double-digit growth has returned to global online ad spending. Full coverage at Adweek.