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Stacy's Chips Gets the Pioneer Woman Cooking; Audience Eats It Up

Stacy’s Chips is sponsoring a special “Stacy’s Section” of recipes at the Pioneer Woman Cooks. In two days, 131 Pioneer Woman readers have commented (so far) on her Blueberry Baked French Toast Paths of Glory movie download

. Yum.

PW Blueberry Baked French Toast

(Disclosures: FM manages sponsorships and advertising for the Pioneer Woman, and we are heavily biased toward her blueberry baked french toast.)

Pioneer Woman Moves Beyond Endemic Marketers, Formula Still Works

The Pioneer Woman has proven itself a dynamo to marketers like HP’s Imaging and Printing unit, Target Black Robe dvd , the American Dairy Council and others. In each case, the marketer’s message — cooking, sharing recipes or holiday entertaining — lined up pretty neatly with the editorial content on the site.

Pioneer Woman masthead

I was a little nervous, however, when we helped team up the Pioneer Woman with Microsoft Office 07 for a Microsoft Office 07 give-away back in December. It didn’t seem to have that obvious “endemic” fit. The Pioneer Woman’s audience put me at ease fast, though, when 7451 of them entered the contest in a week. (Here are the winners.)

I was reminded of something I wrote

a few years ago — inspired by something Battelle wrote — that certain brands can create an “endemic relationship” with readers of a publication even if they aren’t “endemic advertisers,” those who’s products match up exactly with the content covered by a publication.

Dairy Council Scores Search Traffic by Sponsoring Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Milk Recipe

Back in July, the American Dairy Council teamed up with the Pioneer Woman on dairy-based recipes. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across some of them if, like me, you’ve been searching the web for a chocolate milk recipe. The Pioneer Woman’s recipe is in the #4 position, out of the 585,000 results found by Google. Nice move, Dairy Council!

Google Chocolate Milk Recipe

The Pioneer Woman and HP: Storytelling Through Photos

Disclosures: The Pioneer Woman’s site is part of FM, and FM has brokered HP sponsorships and advertising with the Pioneer Woman, but FM was not involved in the creation of the above video.

PR Firms Get More Involved in Advertising

From an interview of one of my FM colleagues (Matt Trotta) by another (Mark Chu Cheong) on how PR firms like Edelman are expanding their services.

Chu Cheong Interviews Trotta

Mommy Blogs Become Moneymaking Machines

From yesterday’s NY Times:

“Heather Armstrong’s wickedly funny blog about motherhood, Dooce, is more than just an outlet for the creativity and frustrations of a modern mother. The site, chock full of advertising, is a moneymaking machine — so much so that Ms. Armstrong and her husband have both quit their regular jobs…. advertisers are eager to influence the 850,000 readers, mostly women, who avidly follow Ms. Armstrong’s adventures. Although Ms. Armstrong will not disclose exact numbers, Dooce’s revenue this year is on track to be seven times its size in 2006, according to Federated Media, which sells ads for the blog.”

If the Times requires you to register, here’s roughly the same article at IHT.

Heather Armstrong in NYT

JCPenney's Home Style Guide Builds on Past Success

JCPenney’s Linden Street line has teamed up with a half dozen FM authors to create the Home Style Guide, a group blog that pulls high-style decorating posts — chairs to build a room around or a DIY wood clock, for example — from Craftzine, Cool Mom Picks, Dooce, the Pioneer Woman, NOTCOT and others. JCPenney is the exclusive sponsor of the site (though they don’t control the editorial content), like they were last year on a similar site, FM’s Fall Shopping Guide. Featured Linden Street products are promoted down the left-hand column.

Linden Street’s Home Style Guide

This expansion of the concept JCPenney piloted last fall suggests the “converational marketing” approach is working for them. Additional press on the earlier program:

Abbey Klaassen covered it for Ad Age, which requires registration so here’s a summary at ChasNote.

Steve Rubel gave it props in his year-end round up, from Micropersuasion.

Readers become subscribers, from ChasNote.

Dairy Council Teams Up with the Oprah of Oklahoma

Pioneer Woman

I forget who first used the phrase “Oprah of Oklahoma” for Ree the Pioneer Woman, but it works for me.


Not that the Pioneer Woman is the richest woman in America, nor does she dominate daytime television. But, like Oprah, she’s built a relationship with her fans that is cult-like in its fervor. When Oprah gives away Pontiacs, it’s national news; when the Pioneer Woman posts recipes featuring dairy products (as part of a sponsorship by the Dairy Council to promote 3-A-Day of Dairy), hundreds of readers comment on every post. This lasagna recipe, for example, elicited nearly 400 comments.

Ree, got any tips for little ol’ ChasNote??

(Credits: Matt Trotta at FM worked with the crew at Edelman on this sponsorship.)

Dooce, Pioneer Woman Clean Up at 2008 Bloggies

Heather Armstrong of Dooce picked up several honors at the 2008 Bloggies, including Best American Weblog, Best-Designed Weblog, Weblog of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement. Congrats, Heather!

Ree of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman took home Best Writing of a Weblog and (for her other site, Pioneer Woman Cooks) Best Food Weblog. Go, Ree!

Pioneer Woman Cooks

Nintendo Taps Pioneer Woman For Wii Contest

Ree’s Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is among several hip-young-women sites included in a conversational marketing campaign for Nintendo’s Wii. This week she replaced her “Give This Picture A Caption” contest with a “Share An Embarrassing Moment and Win a Wii” contest. She posted the contest today at 3pm Pacific; as I write this, 5pm Pacific, her readers have submitted 1357 embarrassing stories. (UPDATE 2/8: By 9pm yesterday when she closed the contest, 2992 stories had been entered.) Ree’s readers want their Wiis!

Pioneer Woman Wii Contest