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Bad Advertising: Beretta, Bin Laden and the Navy SEALs

Beretta Bin Laden Ad from USA Today
(Image lifted from BrandChannel.)

The gun-maker Beretta Defense Technologies ran the above ad in the May 6 edition of USA Today. Kind of tasteless, eh? After thanking Navy SEAL Team Six on a job well done, the ad congratulates Beretta on its own role in keeping the world a safer place:

“Beretta shares a close association with the U.S. military, particularly Navy SEAL Team Six, having intimately collaborated with members of the team during the initial design phase of what would become the venerable M9, the official sidearm of the U.S. Armed Forces.”

It turns out the official sidearm of the Nave SEALs is Sig (Sauer), not a Beretta.

Beretta, that’s lame.