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Cialis, Levitra and Viagra TV Ads Everywhere Yet Most Networks Turn Down Ads for Zestra Female Arousal Oils

Zestra Commercial Still

See the full commercial at NY Times.

From Five Blogs Before Lunch:

“The company has had a difficult time getting its ad approved to run on television, with TV networks, national cable stations, radio stations, and commercial websites hesitant to run the ads. The ad has been shopped around to 100 TV stations, and with the exception of Soapnet Women’s Entertainment and Discovery Health, many either refused or placed certain parameters on the ads.”

Rachel Braun Scherl, the president of Semprae Laboratories, which manufactures Zestra, suggests that TV audiences (or at least network executives) aren’t ready to contemplate female sexuality. “When it comes to talking about the realities of women’s lives, like menstruation, you always have some woman running in the field in a dress.”

Samantha from Sex and the City

Yet some of the most popular and successful TV shows of recent years — Sex in the City, Mad Men, 30Rock, Jersey Shore, The Bachelor and others — feature sexually active women, and plot lines where women talk about enjoying (!!) or not enjoying the sex itself.

So why are executives on the money-making side of television (for once) more prudish than their programming counterparts?