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Kohler's H2OVisions Campaign Invites Facebook Members to Draw Water

Kohler is sponsoring a water-themed Graffiti drawing contest to increase awareness of its H2OVisions site (more). Select Graffiti artists will have their creations showcased in the Graffiti Gallery section of the H2OVisions site. Like this one:

Water Graffiti

Kohler's A Green Magazine for the Design Set

Kohler’s green design group blog, H2OVisions, went live today with freelance contributions from Core77, Inhabitat, NOTCOT, MoCo Loco and others. Coming soon, you’ll be able to draw your green design fantasies using Facebook’s Graffiti too.

"Blending efficiency with high function requires vision. H2O Visions, brought to you by Kohler, highlights smart, sustainable design, and examines how they enrich our lives."

(Credits: Jo Brown and James Grunewald at Kohler; Christyn Murdocco and Jamie Bass at Carat; and Paula Pentogenis and John Shankman at FM.)

(Disclosures: Federated Media helped bring the pieces together and publishes the H2OVisions site. Core77, NOTCOT, Inhabitat, MoCo Loco and Graffiti are FM partner sites.)