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HP Print Ads Give Computer-Skin Contest Scale

At least twice a week I hear some variation of this question: “Gee, that conversational-marketing stuff is cool, but how does it scale?”

HP’s computer-skin design contest offers one answer. Back in September HP put out a call to artists who’d be interested in designing a notebook “skin” for an HP Pavillion, and 8,500 creations were submitted. HP then featured the winning design (by Joao Oliverira) in print ads to take the “Computer Is Personal Again” message to a significantly larger audience. Here it is, ripped from July’s issue of Wired:

HP ad in July 2008 Wired Magazine

Other examples: BMW, Dell, Haagen-Dazs and Intel sponsored Graffiti contests in Facebook.

Forrester's Owyang Calls BMW Drawing Contest Best of Social Network Marketing, 2008

Among Jeremiah Owyang’s Best and Worst Social Network Marketing round up, BMW’s Graffiti drawing contest in Facebook gets the top score.

BMW Submissions

Thanks, Jeremiah!

Robot Graffiti Contest in Facebook, Sponsored by Intel

Intel invites Facebook members to draw robots using the Graffiti application. Normally the Graffiti crew publishes the Top 150 on the gallery page, but for this contest they’ve made it a Top 250 to accommodate a bigger field of exceptional contributions. Take a look at the full gallery; they clearly made the right call. Here are a few:


I continue to be amazed (and I’m sure Intel is thrilled) that so many artists take it upon themselves to work in the sponsor’s brand. Here’s one among many:

Einstein Robot

That’s nice, you say, a few thousand consumers spending hours with Intel’s brand and a million or so of their friends seeing Intel’s messaging briefly as they swing through to vote for their favorite Graffiti. But is there more? Yup. Since it sponsors functionality that allows web publishers and bloggers to embed their favorite Graffitis, Intel’s robot-drawing contest is creating thousands of media objects that can be shared across the web — Intel commercials, in effect, that spread virally and show the world a richer, more visual web experience.

Dell's Embed-able, Subscribe-able, Share-able Video Ad Gets Better

From James Gross’s site:

“It contains:
- a video player that redraws all six of the winning graffitis from the ReGeneration Contest. Currently runs on auto-play but could also be a click to play.
- At the top it pulls in the RSS feed from the latest post at
- an overlay that allow users to(more button):
- send to a friend
- subscribe to the RSS feed
- download the video
- embed the video on another site (like I’m doing)”

James asks his readers for feedback. Here’s the comment I posted:

“James–As you know, I’m a huge fan of this execution. Two things I especially like. One, while it’s sponsored by Dell, the content comes from its customers — Dell merely surfaces and promotes a real conversation (in this case, a visual conversation about the environment). Two, Dell encourages us to ‘steal’ the content and share with other people we think might be interested. This strikes me as a new paradigm: Dell isn’t using ads as teasers to get us to its website, instead it’s giving us its brand assets to take with us.”

Dell’s ReGeneration Graffiti Contest here.

Jones Soda Uses Facebook Graffiti Contest to Create Bottle Labels

What a great pay-off to a Graffiti contest: Jones Soda invites Facebook users to make art on the theme of create some change, and the 4 top winners will have their work featured on bottles of Jones Soda.

I like this entry by Natalie Burdman:

Jones Soda Entry

Universal and Marvel Invite You to Draw Your Own Incredible Hulk

To promote the June 13 launch of The Incredible Hulk, Universal and Marvel have sponsored a Hulk-drawing contest in Facebook’s Graffiti application.

Incredible Hulk Graffiti Contest

My favorite entry so far is Scott Sokolyk’s iHulk:

Hulk iPod Spoof

(Credits: Megan Crowell and Tim Fleming at Ignited Minds; Mark Kantor at Graffiti; Paige Duca, Bernie Albers, Karleen Engel, Liam Boylan and Stephanie Loleng at Federated Media.)

FM Launches 'Green' Federation

You careful ChasNote readers may have seen this coming when you read last month about Chevy’s sponsorship the Best of the Green Web project (or Dell’s sponsorship of a green drawing contest in Facebook’s Graffiti), but now it’s official. FM has launched its Green Federation, a collection of the best green-leaning sites online, including Inhabitat, GigaOM’s Earth2Tech and the ViroPOP video network.

Inhabitat Logo

Here’s the press release.

Haagen-Dazs Draw-A-Bee Contest with Facebook's Graffiti

Here’s a sampler of entries in the contest.

What Internet Advertisers Can Learn from Radio Ads in 1930s

InsideFacebook’s Justin Smith

In an interview with Justin Smith at InsideFacebook we got talking about advertising formats that are best suited to social media environments, and I proposed that previous media revolutions — like radio and TV — offer instructive analogies:

“[If you take] a look at radio (the internet of our grandparents’ day), people listened to news clips and radio plays. If you go back and listen to advertising during radio plays, the ad is a mini version of a radio play. You didn’t get a blinking light on your radio or something that created cognitive dissonance. And when things moved onto television, the ad didn’t contain two guys sitting around microphones doing radio plays — commercials changed as well. They got beautiful people, got a good soundtrack, and took advantage of all the visuals.

“If you bring that forward to social network environments, it’s largely about the conversation. As a Facebook user, I have a relationship with a couple hundred people, and my News Feed is where the conversations between my friends and me are happening. Marketers can’t just come in there and insert a radio play and hope that you will pay attention. The format that we’re engaging in is an online conversation, and the advertiser that wants to be a part of that needs to mimic what users are doing: join the conversation, not throw in a banner ad that disrupts that experience.”

Thanks for the ink, Justin!

Intel Sponsors New Facebook Graffiti 'Embed' Feature

Graffiti, the popular Facebook drawing app, adds a new feature today with help from Intel’s sponsorship dollars. When you see a Graffiti you like, you can embed the animated version — the artist’s virtual brush strokes as he or she draws the image — into your own site, just like you’d embed a YouTube video.

Graffiti Embed Feature Sponsored by Intel

Here’s one I like from the recent Haagen-Dazs sponsored bee drawing contest by Priya S Patel: