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Jelly Belly Graffiti Contest in Facebook

Allowing fans of your brand to invite you into their Facebook newsfeeds is nice, but encouraging them draw their hopes and dreams inside a logo-embossed silhouette of your product takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

I’ve been a huge fan of brand-sponsored Graffiti drawing contests since BMW, Dell and other brands pioneered the approach, along with Mark Kantor and his partners at Graffiti. That was back when I was at FM and involved in selling the idea to brands. Now I’m just an impartial fan. Keep em coming, Graffiti!

Here’s the Jelly Belly contest.

Godin: Facebook, Twitter, Telephone Are for Talking, Not Marketing

I agree with Godin that traditional advertising doesn’t and won’t work in Facebook or Twitter. Operative word: traditional. But I don’t agree that Twitter and Facebook — just because they’re designed for connecting communities rather than distributing traditional media content — won’t devise native experiences that will work well for their communities and for brand marketers at the same time.

Brand marketing doesn’t need to operate like “traditional advertising.” For example, with its OPEN Forum blog, American Express is using marketing dollars to create a credible small business publication, replete with editorial contributions from the leading names in business advice. Based on repeat visitor rates and links from other sites that recommend it to their readers, the SMB community is finding value in the OPEN Forum blog even though its content is funded by ad dollars. And because the contributors to the site, such as Guy Kawasaki and Anita Campbell, are given license to create real, editorial content (they wouldn’t participate otherwise), they’re alerting their Twitter followers each time they post something new. They are not paid to post these stories to Twitter; they’re doing it because they always Twitter new stuff they publish, whether the content appears on their own sites or at someone else’s publication.

Guy K Tweets His Lastest OPEN Forum Post

I’d argue that American Express is using Twitter for brand marketing right now, and it’s working as well for Guy’s and Anita’s followers as it is for American Express.

Certain applications within Facebook, like Graffiti, have done the same: Developing ad-supported experiences that allow brands to enter the conversation without spoiling the conversation. Here are some exmples.

(Disclosure of sorts: Seth Godin is not officially affiliated with FM, unless you count our informal Seth Godin Fan Club. He is, however, a sometime contributor to the OPEN Forum site, the content of which FM manages.)

Graffiti Is Top 10 Social Networking App, Says Time Magazine

Full review at Time.

Congrats, Mark, Tim and Ted!

Acuvue Adds High-Res Feature to Graffiti Facebook App

Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue contact lens brand has sponsored the development of a new feature on the Graffiti Facebook app: One click to larger, higher resolution versions of your favorite Graffitis. The Acuvue High-Res button runs at the base of every Graffiti image. (There are tens of millions of them.)

Acuvue2 High-Res Buttons on Graffiti

When you click on the High-Res button, a message pops up to tell you what’s about to happen — with an Acuvue ad unit to the right of the message:

Acuvue High-Res Pop Up

And what happens is this: The Graffiti image enlarges and (because the resolution is better) comes into greater focus, like that feeling you get when you pop in your contacts and see a more focused version of yourself in the mirror. If you’re the Joker, it looks like this:

Acuvue High-Res Version of The Joker
(Graffiti credit: Rainna Langley.)

(Other credits: Rob D’Alto, Scott Haldeman and Eugina Valliades at McCann; Mark Kantor and Tim Suzman at Graffiti; and Jon Ohliger, Stephanie Loleng, Jana Hartz, Michael Cohn, and Paula Pentogenis at FM. Well done!)

P&G Doesn't Want Another Banner Ad on Facebook

Says Ted McConnell, general manager-interactive marketing and innovation at Procter & Gamble, (from Ad Age), “I really don’t want to buy any more banner ads on Facebook.”

“That’s not to say he believes P&G should end all involvement with Facebook. He cited Facebook applications as a potentially valuable vehicle for advertisers, one in which they can create an environment that’s favorable for their brands and consumers alike.”

Jones Soda Credits Facebook Graffiti Contest for Increased Online Sales

Jones Soda’s Graffiti drawing contest helped drive a significant jump in online sales, according to the company’s Q2 2008 earnings call:

“We ran two very targeted online My Jones programs on Facebook’s Graffiti application along with the very popular I Can Has Cheezburger site. These programs along with increased awareness of My Jones drove our online sales to double versus the same period a year ago.”

Thanks, Graffiti community!

Jones Soda Vote 2008

CrowdFire Graffiti Contest Winners Announced

From among thousands of entries, the top picks in several categories have been announced. Here’s the winner in the “band reference” category:

Beck Graffiti

Jones Soda Picks Winner of Customer-Created Bottle Label Contest

The winner of Jones Soda’s Graffiti drawing contest has been announced: 21-year-old Leeann McMichael of Adrian Michigan.

“The former Onsted resident and Adrian College senior said she noticed the joint-sponsored contest through Facebook earlier this year and used the forum’s graffiti board and paint application to draw her label design, which depicts a giraffe drinking a strawberry soda. As it drinks, its spots transform into red zebra-like stripes.

“Representatives from the Seattle-based drink company said by telephone Friday that the contest attracted more than 7,000 entrants. The general public was able to vote for their favorite design, before the popular works, including McMichael’s, went before the soda company’s panel of judges for further eliminations.”

Jones Soda Contest Winner

(Photo credit: Dan Cherry.)

Graffiti Drawing Contest Tied to CrowdFire dot Net

Here’s my entry in Graffiti’s MUSIC! drawing contest, sponsored by Microsoft and linked to the social media music site CrowdFire, also sponsored by Microsoft. When you submit your drawing, you can immediately upload it to CrowdFire for a chance to win goodies.

Cut me some slack, I drew that with my thumb on my Mac’s trackpad.

Microsoft-Sponsored MUSIC! Graffiti Contest Brings Fans to CrowdFire

FM’s CrowdFire, the social media music site sponsored by Microsoft, wants the graphic-design set to feel welcome, too. Hence this week’s MUSIC! Graffiti contest:

MUSIC Graffiti Contest

Here’s how the Graffiti crew explains CrowdFire:

Graffiti Explaination of Crowdfire