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Facial-Recognition Billboard Technology Guesses Your Gender, Delivers the Right Message 90% of the Time

According to The Independent, another ad campaign featuring facial-recognition technology launches this week, this time in the UK for Plan UK, a children’s charity.

A 40-second interactive advert is about to be launched that uses facial-recognition technology to decide the gender of the person looking at it and then vary its content. It will be unveiled on a bus stop on Oxford Street in London’s West End on Wednesday.

Only women will be able to view the full £30,000 advert commissioned by the children’s charity Plan UK as part of its “Because I Am a Girl” campaign, which aims to ensure girls in the world’s poorest countries are able to receive a good education.

The technology measures the distance between people’s eyes, the width of their noses, and the length of their jawlines to determine gender. Its creators estimate the billboard will guess correctly about 90% of the time.

French company Quividi offers a similar technology that uses video cameras to deduce demographic details of passers-by, vending machines in Japan look for wrinkles to figure out if prospective smokers are the legal age to buy cigarettes, and Kraft deploys a tongue-in-cheek version to market an adults-only Jell-O.

Soon these facial-recognition ads are all going to get very Minority-Report creepy. But in the meantime that 10% miss rate inserts a little Dilbert-like fun.

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