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Boing Boing's Journey from Internet Culture to Internet Counterculture

The Boingers

The story of how Boing Boing launched, built a profitable business, and still run it on their own terms. From Rob Walker’s profile in FastCompany:

“Boing Boing’s version of that tale is a little different. Frauenfelder and his partners didn’t rake in investment capital, recruit a big staff and a hotshot CEO, or otherwise attempt to leverage themselves into a ‘real’ media company. They didn’t even rent an office. They continued to treat their site as a side project, even as it became a business with revenue comfortably in the seven figures. Basically, they declined to professionalize. You could say they refused to grow up.”

Boing Boing's David Pescovitz on the Future of Advertising

In a round table hosted by Canada’s Boards Magazine, Pescovitz shared his vision of advertising 2.0:

“It’s a really interesting time because previously there’s been this wall, necessarily so, between the editorial side and media, but with the rise of underground media to become mass media in the form of blogs and other kinds of systems, there’s an opportunity for marketers to join in the conversation between authors and readers in an open and transparent way. To be honest, I have a great time talking to ad agencies and marketers and companies about ways to connect with our audience and our community.”