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David Byrne Reads Boing Boing, Except at Denver Airport

From LA Times:

“Then in February, [Talking Heads founder David] Byrne came to town. The musician, who was here on a layover, tried to visit the popular hipster technology blog Boing Boing. The site was blocked by the airport’s Internet administrator for falling into the category of ‘Incidental Nudity, Blogs/Wiki.’

“Byrne commended the airport for its free wireless but wrote about the incident on his blog.

“Boing Boing, by many measures the most-read blog on the Internet, linked to Byrne’s post. The local alternative weekly spotted it and blogged about the mushrooming controversy….

“[Boing Boing editor Xeni] Jardin and others at Boing Boing have been on a crusade against Web-filtering software, which she noted is used by repressive governments such as Saudi Arabia and Sudan. She said Boing Boing evidently became classified as offensive by some filters because it once showed an image of the cover of a design book that replicated the cover of a risque men’s magazine.”