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Boing Boing TV Backstage at Outside Lands

CrowdFire Graffiti Contest Winners Announced

From among thousands of entries, the top picks in several categories have been announced. Here’s the winner in the “band reference” category:

Beck Graffiti

Entertainment Weekly on CrowdFire

The music blogger at EW can’t make it to Outside Lands this weekend, so here’s what she asks of her readers:

“what if all of YOU covered the festival for me? If you’re planning on hitting the shows this weekend, there is a very cool content tool being launched by a company called CrowdFire that will allow you to upload content for all to see: digital photos, videos, recordings, blog posts, anything that you capture in Golden Gate Park this weekend. So before heading out to the grounds, why not join the site? Then you can visit the CrowdFire Pavilion while on site, upload your stuff, remix the content of others, and play around with what looks like some slightly confusing but ultimately pretty nifty technology.”

Ad Age on CrowdFire

From Ad Age:

“This weekend, as thousands of people gather and five dozen bands perform over three straight days at the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, tech and media entrepreneur John Battelle hopes to create a different kind of performance, a mash-up of the thousands of camera-phone pictures, hand-held digital-video recordings, blog posts and Twitter “tweets” generated at the event.”

CrowdFire Logo

CrowdFire: New Features and Contests as Festival-Goers Arrive in SF

A bunch of new interactive features and contests beef up the CrowdFire experience. More here.

On the Eve of Outside Lands, CrowdFire Remixing Tool Launches

Here’s a music-festival montage set to Snoopy’s theme music. Mash-up credit goes to my colleague Matt Jessell.

Matt Jessell’s Music Mash Up

Ode to ChasNote's Biggest Fan

Careful readers of ChasNote may have noticed a post yesterday that went up, and then came down (“unpublished” as they say), in the blink of an eye. It was a link to register for the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco next week — for free. I posted it before I realized that it was FM’s VIP registration link, intended for my use only as part of FM’s partnership with Outside Lands to run the CrowdFire pavilion and website. Oops!

Well it turns out ChasNote does have at least one careful reader, Stacy Segal-Reichlin, and for that, Stacy, I thank you. You earned that free ticket.

Graffiti Drawing Contest Tied to CrowdFire dot Net

Here’s my entry in Graffiti’s MUSIC! drawing contest, sponsored by Microsoft and linked to the social media music site CrowdFire, also sponsored by Microsoft. When you submit your drawing, you can immediately upload it to CrowdFire for a chance to win goodies.

Cut me some slack, I drew that with my thumb on my Mac’s trackpad.

Microsoft-Sponsored MUSIC! Graffiti Contest Brings Fans to CrowdFire

FM’s CrowdFire, the social media music site sponsored by Microsoft, wants the graphic-design set to feel welcome, too. Hence this week’s MUSIC! Graffiti contest:

MUSIC Graffiti Contest

Here’s how the Graffiti crew explains CrowdFire:

Graffiti Explaination of Crowdfire

FM and Microsoft Launch CrowdFire Music Site

Today, in partnership with Microsoft, FM launched music-oriented social media site CrowdFire.


From MediaWeek:

“In conjunction with the launch CrowdFire, the companies have announced that several kiosks will be placed at the upcoming Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco, Calif. on Aug. 22-24, where attendees will be able to produce and upload their own video, audio and text accounts of the events, in what will serve as a mass test run for the new site. During the event, video screens will display a real time ‘mashup’ of the crowd-produced content.”

Mediaweek breaks Crowdfire news