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Charlene Li: Social Networks Go From 'Platforms' to 'Air We Breathe'

Most people talk about social networking services as platforms on which to build communities and media. Forrester’s Charlene Li goes a step further:

“I believe they (and we) will look back to 2008 and think it archaic and quaint that we had to go to a destination like Facebook or LinkedIn to ‘be social.’ Instead, I believe that in the future, social networks will be like air. They will be anywhere and everywhere we need and want them to be. And also, without that social context in our connected lives, we won’t really feel like we are truly living and alive, just as without sufficient air, we won’t really be able to breathe deeply.”

Party With FM Authors and Friends at SXSW

FM and Dell are hosting a party at SXSW along with Bulldog Solutions, The Conversation Group, and Social Media Club Austin: An Evening of “Conversation Starters.” Join us at the Iron Cactus in Austin, March 10 from 6:30 to 9:30pm. More details at Upcoming.


Conversation starters will include Robert Scoble, Jeremiah Owyang, Joe Jaffe, Charlene Li, Shel Israel, Chris Heuer, Mack Collier, Lionel Manchaca, and a big crew from Federated Media.

And after we’ve lured you to town for the free booze and A-list drinking companions, stay for the great content. My colleague Neil Chase will be moderating a panel the next morning, Independent Success: Bloggers Who Made It, with Ken Fisher, Monish Bhatia, Danielle Friedland and Jill Fehrenbacher.