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Boing Boing TV Backstage at Outside Lands

Microsoft Underwrites 'Boing Boing TV World'

As Brian Morrissey at AdWeek puts it, “Brands Grab Web Video’s Long Tail.” In this case the brand is Microsoft (the charity-based I’M Initiative) and the long-tail video is Boing Boing TV.

BBtv World

“Xeni Jardin isn’t exactly a household name, but she has a sizable following. As one of the creators of the popular blog Boing Boing, Jardin’s a bona fide Web celebrity.

“Now, Microsoft is hoping she can lend some small-wattage star power to its ‘I’m Initiative,’ which promotes Microsoft instant-messaging and e-mail by tying them to social causes. Through a deal brokered by Federated Media, Microsoft is underwriting episodes of a new Jardin-produced Web series, ‘Boing Boing TV World,’ which gives snapshots of international cultures.”

Nine Very Sexy Bloggers

Playboy is out with its list of the hottest web bloggers. It’s times like these where I’m especially thankful that I have a formal business relationship with Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin (one of the nine), otherwise it would make for an awkward conversation with my wife as to why I’m visiting

Xeni in Playboy

Clearly Playboy is hip to the Web 2.0 ethos: They’re inviting readers to pick the next online playmate!

Playboy Lets You Pick

As of this posting, Brigitte Dale is leading the voting.

Brigitte Dale

Cisco's Human Network Adds More Voices

I love these embed-able ad units that feature longer-form video programming (here’s Dell’s), this one from a section of Cisco’s Welcome to the Human Network site that FM is helping them with:

I also love to see brands that are world-class for skills other than publishing or programming move themselves into the world-class-publisher category through partnership. Coming in August, Cisco’s site will feature special episodes of video programming from Boing Boing TV, Webb Alert and Mashable.

Cisco Human Network Site with 3rd Party Video Content

(The team that put this together includes Radhika Narang, Mike Kisch and Melinda Walker at Cisco; Lashena Huddleston, Sue McCarthy, and Lauren Amato at Neo; and Matt Jessell, Liam Boylan, James Gross, Stephanie Loleng, Karleen Engel and Lester Lee at FM.)

HP's Paul Frank and Shepard Fairey Laptops for Charity

These are some stylish laptops. I love that HP created them (with help from designers Paul Frank and Shepard Fairey) for charity; why not make them available for wider distribution too?

HP Design Laptops

Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow Is Also Available In Hardcover

Cory Doctorow is out with his new book too, Little Brother. What a week for readers who want to take their favorite online authors (like these) into the battery-free zone!

Doctorow’s Little Brother

Praise for Intel's PopURLs Blue Edition; Banner Ads Get Credit

Intel’s sponsorship of PopURLs Blue Edition for Enterprise IT is winning fans. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb says:

“Now [PopURLs founder] Marban has partnered with Intel to create one of the most interesting ad campaigns I’ve seen in awhile, The site is a single page aggregator about hot enterprise IT news. Calm down, I know enterprise IT is boring — but the site is cool…..”

“The Intel partnership in particular is remarkable as a simple way for advertisers to deliver value to audiences in exchange for a little bit of mindshare. Next to the top enterprise software stories from around the web, you’ll find links to Intel white papers and blogs.”

RWW Coverage of PopURLS Blue

I also love the disclosure attached to the post. FM manages advertising for ReadWriteWeb and Intel’s ads have been running on the site, but Marshall says he notices the campaign only after seeing Intel’s ads on another FM site, Boing Boing.

“Disclosure: The Blue ad campaign is being run through FM publishing, who also sells ads here on RWW. I just found the site through an FM ad on BoingBoing and thought it was worth writing up.”

Advertising works in mysterious ways.

Credits: The people behind this project include Thomas Marban at PopURLs; David Veneski at Intel; Josh Mattison and Jason Ratner at FM.

BMW Graffiti Contest Gives Bloggers, Twitterers Something to Talk About

BMW’s Graffiti contest that invites Facebook users to color in outlines of 1-Series cars has done a few things very well.

One, ad units on Graffiti app pages within Facebook as well as websites outside of Facebook (eg, Boing Boing) are performing better because the campaign invites participation.

Two, it enlists a core group of active social-network participants (more than 9000 submissions in the first 7 days) into a fun, transparent evangelism effort: Participants spend, in many cases, hours personalizing images of BMWs that they then share with friends.

Three, it takes advantage of the friend-to-friend newsfeed mechanism at Facebook to spread word of the campaign beyond the paid media program.

Four, the concept and the images themselves are capturing the attention of bloggers, columnists and Twitterers, such as Facebook’s Dave Morin. Ben Barren’s headline captures it best: “i found a blog post about a twitter about bmw’s facebook campaign.” UPDATE 4/7: Stuart Elliott at NT Times dedicates a column to the campaign. Others pick-ups below.

BMW Ben Barren

I also love that BMW’s advertising in other areas of Facebook (through Facebook, not FM) integrates a single message across multiple media plans. With the Graffiti contest BMW built a killer idea that resonates especially with existing Facebook members, so why not show the Facebook audience that you’re hip to the applications they all enjoy? Here are some banners BMW ran elsewhere on Facebook:

BMW Facebook banners

Credits: The team that made this happen includes Brendan Starr at GSD&M; Jon Lor at DotGlu; Mark Kantor, Tim Suzman and Ted Suzman at Graffiti Wall; Jean Aw at NOTCOT; and FM’s Jen Tamez, Marcia Simmons, Liam Boylan, Matt Jessell and Lester Lee.

A small sampling of other coverage:

Auto site Top Speed:

BMW Top Speed


Autoblog BMW

Han D Work blog:

Han D Work BMW

Blog post and Twitter from Inusual Network:

Inusual Twitter

Inusual Network site

BMW 1-Series Follows Viral Pass-Along of Boing Boing TV

As BMW looks to the web to build buzz for the 1-Series, it is giving its video commercials an added boost: BMW is sponsoring Boing Boing TV with pre-roll “sponsored by” billboards and full commercials mid-segment. When Boing Boing fans embed episodes in their own sites (like I’ve done here), BMW’s campaign rides on Boing Boing’s viral coattails.

On Boing Boing TV’s site, this BMW banner runs alongside the video player.

BMW 300×250

Why Information Works Better Than Simple Promotions

From a Lee Gomes piece in the Wall Street Journal (I saw it at Boing Boing):

“What is it about a Web site that might make it literally irresistible? Clues are offered by research conducted by Irving Biederman, a neuroscientist at the University of Southern California, who is interested in the evolutionary and biological basis of the human need for information…..

“When he hooked up volunteers to a brain-scanning machine, the preferred pictures [ones that "presented new information that somehow needed to be interpreted"] were shown to generate much more brain activity than the unpreferred shots. While researchers don’t yet know what exactly these brain scans signify, a likely possibility involves increased production of the brain’s pleasure-enhancing neurotransmitters called opioids.”

I’m no scientist, but this suggests to me that ads built around content (like JCPenney’s or Symantec’s) will do a better job engaging consumers than ads that simply offer up a discounted rate.