Training your Mood with Herbal Incense

Have you ever walked in a room feeling a bit depressed when you smelled one of your favorite foods cooking and to your surprise you feel wonderfully happy again, but you are not even hungry? How about waking up early in the morning feeling groggy but by just smelling the freshly brewed coffee you’re instantly ready for the day? What you experienced was what is known as a mental trigger. Odors act as triggers to memories of the full experience. Your brain is filled with vivid memories of sights, sounds, touch, and smells that became attached to the emotions you were feeling at the time those memories were made.

With a little practice and know-how, we can use herbal incense to train our moods and even our temperament by intentionally linking certain odors to positive feelings of happiness, contentment, and tranquillity. Studies show that our minds are most active in the mornings right after we wake up. Most of us get up as late as we can rushing around our morning routine to make it to work on time. Try getting up an hour earlier than usual instead. Find a quiet spot preferably somewhere you already associate with peaceful feelings. Light up your favorite smelling herbal incense put on some soft happy music, and engage in some light-hearted healthy activity. Reading, drawing, painting, yoga, Thai-chi, or even doing the dishes mindfully are all excellent activities to attach the smell of the Herbal Incense to the new relaxing and positive memory. After a week or so of doing this every morning, you should have a strong connection between the smell of the Herbal incense and a peaceful fulfilled mood. When you return home from work feeling stressed and wound-up try lighting up that same flavor of Herbal incense and draw in a big whiff. Chances are that is all you need to feel much better. Herbal incense, just what the doctor ordered!