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Creative Director Leo Jung Dishes Font with Typorn

Will Adler underwater surfing photo
(Photograph by Will Adler.)

“A national magazine for the west coast. I realized that this was the opportunity that I was waiting for. It was a challenge unlike any other — head up the creative for a brand new magazine for print, digital, and live events. Oh, and build it from the ground up. Its potential was as big as I wanted it to be. Its creative vision would be mine to define. That’s not something any already-renowned magazine could ever really offer. For the first time, I didn’t have the reputation of a company to define me. The blank canvas was as scary as it was exciting.”

From California Sunday creative director Leo Jung’s interview with Typorn. More words, photos, and layouts here.

Roy Choi in California Sunday

Choose Lovin

What an excellent animated film for McDonalds, showing that good fries can burry the hatchet between even the most antagonist enemies. So cute.

Fisher-Price Turns Around 2015 Commercial in 24 Hours

From Adweek:

Fisher-Price found a bunch of New Year’s newborns for its “Wishes for Baby” spot, filmed in the waning hours of 2014 and the early ones of 2015 — in 10 hospitals in seven counties (the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Bangladesh and Poland). Local film crews captured footage of new moms talking about their wishes for the babies. The footage was then turned around in less than 24 hours by Weber Shandwick and documentarian Patrick Creadon (Wordplay, I.O.U.S.A., If You Build It) and crafted into a 90-second spot.

Pretty powerful spot, and very impressive turn-around. Kind of crazy that these families invited in the cameras crews, eh??