Tattoo Your Way to a Fifteen Percent Raise

Rapid Reality

I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of the tattoos as advertising story. I doubt it. Because it’s such a silly idea for everyone involved — the participants inevitably trade their fleshy (and permanent) billboards at too low a price, and the corporate sponsors tend to pay too much for a short-lived PR stunt — it always strikes me fresh and therefore interesting. When I say interesting, mind you, I mean interesting enough to post it to ChasNote and make it the top story on my Twitter feed for the next 20 minutes. Not interesting enough to find out more about Rapid Realty or its value proposition, or interesting enough to remember its name tomorrow, even though I’ve taken the time to write it on my site. From Ad Freak, where you can also see interviews with several inked employees.

Some 40 employees have already done so—either because they love the firm, need the money, or both. “I was like, Why am I throwing my money away when I could get myself from $25,000 to $40,000 for the same amount of work?” Stephanie Barry, who might not understand what 15 percent means, tells CBS News. “My wife was a little concerned but I said, you know what, it was the best commitment I could think of,” said another employee, who’s been on the job all of one month.

I sure hope he’s got a likeness of his wife tattooed on the other bicep!

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