Visual Targeting: Garnier Taps Luminate to Target Images of Smooth-Skinned Women

Earlier this year, we at Luminate launched Visual Targeting, an ad platform that connects campaigns to images based on visual cues inside individual photos around the web. (I like how Business Insider describes it: “Luminate’s ad-serving system is ingenious.”) One of our pioneer partners was the Garnier unit of L’Oreal. From today’s coverage in Ad Age:

Instagram caused a Twitterstorm this week when it told users that it retains the right to use user images in advertising. Since images dominate content shared in social networks, brands are taking a keen interest. But even if Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others wanted to target images, it raises a technical issue: How to target advertising at the content of images if you don’t know what’s there?

Startup Luminate took on the problem for L’Oreal brand Garnier this past fall for the launch of a new product, indeed a new class of product called BB cream (beauty balm), which has been popular in Asia for years but is just now becoming prevalent in the U.S. Garnier was interested in targeting images of women — not just any women, mind you — but fresh-faced, beautiful women with clear skin, which might put other women into a moment of beauty aspiration.

“We targeted images of women, not just celebrity women but women with beautiful skin, women in fashionable environments,” said Michelle Ryan, VP of marketing for Garnier Skin Care.

More on how the system works at Ad Age.

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