Advertising Week 2012: The Big, Unanswered Questions

To help industryfolk navigate this year’s Advertising Week, iconoclastic agency Colle+McVoy created the Advertising Week Question Generator, an app that delivers the hard-hitting, big questions you might not have known to ask. If you don’t like the question it suggests, just click the button again. And let me tell you, it is uncanny how the Question Generator’s algorithm identifies the big questions facing our industry.

Meanwhile a small band of twitter-based rabble-rousers — Mike Masnick, Shawn Sims and Jean Aw — challenged the team at ChasNote to answer a few of the biggest, toughest and most mystical. Here we go.

How are we going to get exclusive rights to the early nineties?

The key to this negotiation is anchoring. Make a strong offer for the eighties, demand first right of refusal, and before you know it you’ll have the nineties plus a ton of below-the-fold make-good impressions.

Enough about you, how do I hijack Gangnam Style?

Gingham has never really been out of style. (Um, Judy Garland?!) We say, hijack away.

How are we going to be athletic enough for bears?

Bring your alligator, and then take the fight to water.

Can you explain the need to multi-touch Banksy?

Banksy doesn’t really exist. We know they made a movie about him, but we’re not buying it. Eventually it will be revealed that he’s a guerrilla marketing stunt carried out by a rogue intern at the social-media agency for UK retailer Tesco.

Can I get mommy bloggers to reverse engineer daddy bloggers?

You bet.

Before bed do you capture dongles?

We don’t understand the question — we are pretty sure “dongle” suggests it’s already in a captured state.

How did you manage to rethink low hanging fruit?

Rethinking is what we do here at ChasNote. Next question!

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