GE Continues Its Native Advertising Offensive

GE was an early brand to tell its story through an Instagram profile — with retro-filtered photos of airplane engines, locomotives, radiopharmaceuticals and cool pics from the labs at which it tests the quality of light emitting from concept light bulbs. It posted the images to a Tumblr and the comments suggest they struck a chord. Boring old GE had a social-media hit with the hipsters.

And even before Instagram, GE curated a channel of healthy-lifestyle stories (mostly stories written by publishers with no connection to GE) on Digg, following the healthy-living influencers among the Digg community and building a following of its own.

So it’s hardly a surprise that they’re at it again. Building on the popularity of nostalgia on BuzzFeed, GE is sponsoring “The BuzzFeed Time Machine” — lists that might have made the rounds had Buzzfeed been online in the days before the Internet. In an interview with Ad Age, BuzzFeed president Jon Sterinberg says:

BuzzFeed is focused on nostalgia because it’s one of the most popular types of content that people love to share. It’s some of the most shareable stuff because you send to your friends stuff that reminds you of being together in the nineties.”

Smart: Find out why your customers love BuzzFeed and give them more of the same, this time wrapped in your brand. And not only is GE underwriting the creation of BuzzFeed-y content — lists of retro silliness that you can’t help pushing to your high school friends via Facebook — the brand is dusting off its retro print ads to use as creative.

I’m not currently on the market for a dishwasher, but if I were I’d almost certainly consider the Potscrubber II. Keep it up, GE.

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