Mentos Offers Minty Breath to Naked People

The new Mentos print campaign, from The Martin Agency, seeks to align the mint-candy brand with the kind of content featured in the various magazines on its media plan. Native advertising, magazine style! More specifically the campaign features nakedness of the sort that might make its way into that particular magazine — a wardrobe malfunction for entertainment publications (above), a streaker for Sports Illustrated, and something a bit more racy for Maxim. More at Ad Rants.

The concept, according to a spokesperson for Mentos, is to “spotlight the juxtaposition between the innocent quirkiness of Mentos and the not-so-innocent content of the ads.” I’ll have to look up what juxtaposition means. In the meantime, Mentos is likely to benefit from an older advertising concept that argues: People are more likely to look at something if there’s a naked person involved.

(Thanks, Ben!)

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