Tecate Seeks Men with Character

Tecate Light billboard on Bayshore Avenue, San Francisco.

Really?! Driving home in San Francisco in the year 2012 and I’m looking at a billboard that’s suggesting certain light-beer drinkers and guys that drink drinks served in martini glasses aren’t, um, real men? Oh my.

This, apparently, is the latest outdoor installment of the Tecate Light campaign built around the tagline “Con Caracter.” Earlier this year the beer brand issued an apology and pulled other San Francisco billboards that claimed “it’s easy to be a man with character” — by peeing outdoors on a tree, the ad suggested, instead of using a toilet. From the company’s public statement:

“We have an internal process whereby every ad is reviewed for compliance with our local code for responsible commercial communication. As a part of that process, this ad concept was rejected by our US team but unfortunately, an error was made and the ad was mistakenly released and posted. We sincerely thank consumers for bringing this to our attention and have immediately removed the ad. We regret the error and are taking a look at our internal controls to ensure this does not happen again.”

Mistakenly released and posted?? Classy apology.

  1. # Cookie said: September 6th, 2012 at 6:26 am

    Yeah, it wasn’t a mistake, I see one every day on my way to work in Austin. The radio ads are even worse. Apparently “men with character” are just hollow stereotypes with no personality or ability to think critically.

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