Manchester United Is Most Valuable Sports Franchise

Reading a Forbes article on Manchester United’s upcoming IPO, I caught a bit of news I missed last summer: Brands are so eager to associate with the club that one of them, DHL, paid $62 million for a four-year deal to put its logo on Man U’s practice jerseys.

I’m sure it is a great investment and all, but type “wayne rooney practice jersey,” “manchester united jersey,” or “wayne rooney manchester united” into Google’s Image Search, and get back to me if you can find him in the DHL practice kit. I’m seeing pages and pages of Rooney with AIG and AON logos on his chest, and even one where he’s wearing a Coke t-shirt, but no DHL.

Here’s one, but I only found it because I knew about the sponsorship and went looking for it directly: My search query was “manchester united DHL.”

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