Tattoo Advertising at London Olympics

Olympic runner Nick Symmonds auctioned off a temporary tattoo on his shoulder to Milwaukee-based design and creative agency Hanson Dodge, whose winning bid was $11,100.

Because of sponsorship and endorsement rules imposed by USA Track and Field, Symmonds must obscure the tattoo while he’s actually participating in a race (he uncovers it before and after races). But still, an Olympian signing up to endorse a brand and paint its logo on his body for eleven thousand bucks?! Even if Hanson Dodge did throw in some free web design services, it seems like a ridiculously below-market give-away. Back in 2005 a guy named Andrew Fischer collected $37,375 from sleep-remedy maker SnorStop for a temporary tattoo on his regular non-Olypian forehead.

More at NY Times.

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