Facebook, GM and the State of Social Advertising

I sat down with Digiday’s Brian Morrissey on Tuesday to talk about social advertising, native creative formats, the GM-Facebook dustup, and the future of advertising around images. Excerpts below. Full story here.

Brian: GM is pulling its Facebook ad budget because it says advertising there doesn’t work. What do you think?

Chas: That’s a preposterous claim. I can’t imagine the first year that GM was buying TV commercials it was able to ascertain what was working and what wasn’t. It’s taken a generation to perfect and understand how to measure success in TV. For it to do that after three years seems premature to say it works or doesn’t work as a global statement. Facebook as a consumer experience and an advertising platform are both relatively new.

Brian: Why do you think images need a native format?

Chas: Right now… everyone is getting hip to images in a bigger way. Publishers are coming clean and saying 60 percent of their page views are image galleries. We’re seeing that in the growth of Pinterest and the acquisition of Instagram. It’s giving everyone permission to say images matter. There are a variety of companies saying images are yet another piece of real estate we can slap ads on…. There’s no content, just ads. We [at Luminate] are trying to do something different. If we can create applications that augment the image experience with content and services, then publishers and users will like the experience, and then we can think of the ad experience that’s native to that experience.

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