Teaser Ads for Honda, JCPenney, Century 21

I love Matthew Broderick and all, and it’s a fun idea for Honda to bring back Ferris Bueller (now driving a CR-V instead of his friend’s dad’s Ferrari), but is it such a good commercial that I want it to be two-and-a-half minutes long? Not really. But what’s length matter, I guess, if the teaser and leaked commercial attract a few million viewers on the web in advance of its Superbowl debut.

Speaking of teaser ads, what’s up with the new JCPenney campaign?! A brand new CEO plucked from the senior ranks of Apple and the company screams at us for 30 seconds? Oh dear. (More here.)

And this one from Century 21 featuring Deion Sanders. I can hardly wait for the third quarter.

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