X-Ray App Lets You See Moosejaw Models in Their Underwear, Boosts Sales 37%

Moosejaw X-Ray App from Gary Wohlfeill on Vimeo.

The app enables Moosejaw catalog readers to look through the models’ clothes to see what they are wearing underneath. In five weeks 75,000 people downloaded the app. For a catalog with an average distribution of 120,000 copies, that says two-thirds of their readers used the app.

It helped ring the cash register too. According to Mashable:

The app also drove sales, up 37% from the same period in November last year. Catalog response rates — that is, the percentage of catalog subscribers who purchased something from Moosejaw’s website in the weeks following the catalog’s release — were up by a full third to 4%…. We were particularly impressed given that the app seemed to distract users from the products themselves.

Let’s just hope Moosejaw doesn’t figure out how to make this app work on people outside its catalog.

  1. # Ivy Solis said: December 30th, 2011 at 8:28 am

    This is the perfect example that “sex sells.” Great out of the box thinking Moosejaw!

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