Targeting Men When They’re a Captive Audience

Sure, plenty of you guys have seen a print ad framed on the wall above a urinal. Perhaps you’ve also seen urinals with a picture of a fly inside the bowl, a rudimentary game design to improve players’ aim. Now a British company is bringing it all together with ad-supported, pee-controlled video games in mens rooms.

From BBC:

British company Captive Media thinks it has developed a product that fills a gap in the market — a urinal mounted, urine-controlled games console for men. It calls it the first ‘hands-free’ video gaming console of its kind….

Trade paper Adweek calculates that on average men are rooted to the spot for 55 seconds while they relieve themselves — nine months over the course of their lifetimes. In the UK this means a billion minutes a year — an ideal opportunity to hit users with targeted advertising in order to relieve them of cash later on.

This sounds like trouble.

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