JetBlue Turns LA’s Carmaggedon into Marketing Opportunity

On a flight to LA yesterday morning I first heard the term Carmaggedon. Fortunately I mis-easedropped the dates associated with the LA traffic disaster (it will start tonight, now that I’m safely back in San Francisco, not yesterday when I had meetings on both sides of the 405). Phew. Meanwhile JetBlue is turning bad news on the LA freeways into a fun marketing moment: They’re offering $4 one-way tickets to fly over the mess, from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, east of the 405, to Long Beach Airport, west of the 405. (My tweet got it wrong: These flights won’t go in or out of LAX.) The twenty minute flight will be, according the agitated Angelinos I spoke with, about 4 hours quicker than trying to cross town by car.

JetBlue spokeswoman Sharon Jones told the LA Times, “This will be our shortest commercial flight. We thought this would be a fun and unique idea. We looked at it as a way to introduce our product to customers who have never joined JetBlue.”

The good PR has undoubtedly made up for the money they’re losing on jet fuel.

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