Making 4 Trillion Images Interactive

Earlier this month, in the lobby of Federated Media’s CM Summit, I chatted with Scribe Media about Pixazza, interactive images and startups.

“An increasing amount of content is being built around photos to enhance stories and increase engagement. Pixazza has looked through the eyes of consumers viewing your images and see they want more than just a limited, static experience. How much of an opportunity does this create for brand advertisers? Chas Edwards, CRO of Pixazza, states that 20% of those presented with interactive images engage with that additional content. He reports 100 million daily interactions by 150 million monthly uniques, with 100 publishers signing up daily for Pixazza.”

More at Scribe Media.

  1. # Mugs said: June 28th, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Love seeing ChasNote back. Love “seeing” you.

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