Macy’s Ad in Miami Herald Congratulates Miami Heat on Winning NBA Title

Wait, didn’t the Mavericks win?

Macys ad in Miami Herald congratulates wrong team

“The ad runs directly under a banner headline about how badly the Heat’s point guards sucked and an all-caps header proclaiming, ‘DALLAS WINS BEST-OF-7 SERIES 4-2,” writes Miami New Times, who also got a vice president from the Herald on the phone. She called it a production error. “We weren’t going to sit and wait around for Game 7 to decide how to advertise something like this. That ad was in the system for the eventuality that the Heat ended up winning the title.”

Hometown pride or slopping newspaper publishing?

(Thanks, Pete May!)

  1. # Chris Kobran said: June 13th, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    President Dewey must be pissed!

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