Enter Intel's Visual Life Contest — And Kiss Up to the Judges

There are more than 3 trillion images on the web already, and we’re collectively uploading 200 million more every day to Facebook alone. Consumer demand for images is forcing publishers big and small to invest in photo galleries in content verticals from sports and travel, to news and entertainment. Meanwhile a phone isn’t a phone nowadays if it doesn’t have at least TWO cameras built in, so it’s no wonder that photo-sharing apps are exploding. One of them, Instagram, went from launch to a million members in 2 months. (It took Foursquare a year and Twitter 2 years to do the same.) Even dogs have joined the party: Collar-cams hit the streets of New York earlier this week. In Intel-speak, we’re living visual lives.

So when they asked me if I’d be one of the judges for Intel’s Visual Life contest, I said to myself, “Hey, this might just land me an invitation to Path’s super secret SxSW party — I’m in!!” Besides, checking out photos and videos from great indie producers hardly sounds like work. For inspiration, here’s The Sartorialist talking about his “visual life”:

If you want to participate, here’s what you do. Intel is inviting independent content creators to share — by way of a photo or a video that’s less than 60 seconds — how they’re making the most of the visual web. Instructions on how to submit your entry here. Finalists will win the latest gear from HP.

And if you come across any of the judges, give them your utmost respect.

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