Starbucks Steams Up the Huffington Post

I didn’t get enough of Ricky Gervais last night on the Golden Globes, so I started my day at the Entertainment section of Huffington Post. Starbucks was today’s sponsor. The page started out looking like this:

Starbucks ad on Huffington post without steam

And then soon after my arrival, steam emerged from the coffee cup in the Starbucks banner, hiding Mr Gervais behind a veil of noxious vapors.

Starbucks ad on Huffington Post with steam

Normally I don’t like expanding rich-media ads that cover the content, but this one didn’t bother me. Kind of added to the fun of Golden Globes post-morteming.

What do you think?

  1. # Michael Y said: January 17th, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    It’s pretty neato! I actually want a Starbies latte now :P.

  2. # Jaime DeLeon said: April 2nd, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Starbucks doesn’t want you to enjoy Hayden’s cleavage? Bummer

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