Instagram Reaches 1 Million Users In 2 Months

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Two months after launching its iPhone app, Instagram has achieved a million users. From the NYT’s Bits Blog:

“The company began offering its simple photo service in mid-October that allows people to share images from a mobile phone and then add unique and fun filters. Since then, Instagram has quickly become the talk of the tech community as people have flocked to the service even with stiff competition from a number of well-financed competitors, including PicPlz, Flickr and Path.”

That’s a steep ramp by any standard. According to the Business Insider, “it took Foursquare roughly a year to hit a million users, and Twitter two years.”

Rashmi Sinha's Tweet

How did they do it? Slideshare’s Rashmi Sinha suggests that Instagram had an easier task — fulfilling an existing demand, taking and sharing photos — whereas Foursquare and Twitter forced people to adopt a new behavior.

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