Facebook Users More Active With Brands, But Less Interested In Them

Online agency Digital Surgeons created an infographic to compare the Facebook and Twitter audiences. Two items in particular grabbed my attention.

Facebook Audience Infographic

One, while the Facebook and Twitter brands have similar awareness (88% and 87%, respectively), Facebook has nearly five times Twitter’s monthly audience, and its much-bigger audience is 50% more likely to engage with the service every day. That’s clearly a win for Facebook. Nearly everyone knows about both services, but Facebook has convinced many more of us to participate and participate regularly.

Twitter Audience Infographic

Two — this point goes to Twitter — third-party brands are finding better engagement with Twitter followers than Facebook followers. While it appears harder to get a Twitter user to follow a brand (40% of Facebook users do so, and only 25% of Twitter users do the same), the value of a Twitter follower is greater: 67% of brand followers in Twitter say they plan to purchase a product from that brand, to Facebook’s 51%. This is good for Twitter in two ways. First, if it’s harder to convince a Twitter user to follow a brand, brands are likely to pay Twitter a premium (over what they’d pay Facebook) to help them build a following. Second, a brand follower in Twitter is inherently more valuable, since there’s a higher likelihood that he or she will convert to paying customer, and that will ultimately push Twitter’s ad rates above Facebook’s.

(More at GigaOM.)

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