Forehead Advertising Tattoos: Best or Worst of the Decade?

Today’s NY Times Magazine featured the Best Ideas of a Decade. Under the heading “The Most ‘Off” Picks” they listed foreheads bought and sold as ad space:

“2005: Can Work Only Once? ‘Forehead Billboards.’ A 21-year-old named Andrew Fischer auctioned off the space on his forehead for $37,375 on eBay, thereafter attaching a small temporary tattoo advertising an over-the-counter sleep remedy. The company, SnoreStop, calculates that it received nearly $1 million worth of publicity. And a woman named Kari Smith leased her forehead for a permanent tattooed ad for the online gambling and entertainment venture”

Thirty-seven thousand dollars for a temporary tattoo? I’d call that a good deal for Andrew Fisher, and it sounds like the campaign did quite well for his client. Kari Smith, however, sold her forehead — permanently — for only $10,000. Oy.

My favorite variation on this theme is Chanel’s temporary creme tattoos.
Chanel Creme Tattoos

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