Diggable 300×250 Ads on Digg

Today Digg launched new functionality that gives readers the ability to share their favorite banner ads with friends across the Digg community — as well as bury the ones they don’t like. From the Digg blog:

“We launched ‘Digg Ads’ over a year ago — these advertisements are content-based and allow the Digg community to Digg or hide (buries will be back very soon) the advertisement just as they would any other story item on the site.

“One change we’re making is that we’re going to try out Digg and hide buttons on some of the display ads across the site. Usually you’ll see these display ads in the upper right corner of the site.

“When you Digg any ad (display or story-format), the story attached converts to a regular Digg story. That news story is just like any other — you can Digg, hide, or write a comment.”

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