Edward Boches: Manifesto on the New Advertising

“Smart marketers know that somewhere between product experience, community participation, social responsibility, gaming dynamics, and crowdsourcing is the new thirty-second TV commercial.”

So says Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer of Mullen. According to Ad Age, creative directors aren’t having fun at big agencies anymore and they’re leaving in droves. How come? Boche’s take:

“in a lot of these agencies the things that people historically have made were TV spots, campaigns and messages. Executions over which a few people could exercise complete control. Concepts that had a beginning, middle and end. Along with a media plan that also adhered to a start and stop date. You came up with an idea. Then you sold it, produced it, ran it, entered it, and moved on.

“If that’s your idea of fun, then obviously you’re not having any….

“However, look into some of the newer, smaller, more nimble agencies, where digital and social thinking reign, and you not only see plenty of creativity, you find an industry that’s more fun than it’s ever been.”

Right on.

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