If A Friend Recommends An Ad, You Are More Likely to Pay Attention

Sometime in the past year you’ve probably seen an ad in Facebook that lists, at the bottom of the ad, the names of a few of your friends who “liked” it. “Social context,” as Facebook calls it. It turns out (no surprise) ads that have earned social-context votes work significantly better than the same ads that are presented to you unliked by any friends.

From ClickZ:

“Facebook insists endorsements have the potential to dramatically improve ad recall and engagement. In research conducted on Facebook’s behalf, Nielsen reported people who have seen an ad with social context are 68 percent more likely to remember it, and twice as likely to recall its content, compared with ads that have no ‘likes.’ Additionally, the researcher found purchase intent was four times higher when Facebook users were exposed to ads with social advocacy.”

Hello, social targeting. Anyone have similar data on the lift from contextual targeting, behavioral targeting or retargeting?

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