Hand-Drawn Social Media Logos, Part of Editorial Series at Mashable Sponsored by Ben and Jerry's

This Mashable post caught my attention with the fun, hand-drawn social media logos:

Hand-drawn social media logos

Then I noticed the story is part of a Mashable dev and design series sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s new free-trade coffee line, Joe.

I like it. A “sponsored editorial series” on coffee, sponsored by Starbucks or Ben and Jerry’s Joe, would be fishy. As would be Mashable, all of a sudden, deciding to cover coffee news. But I see nothing wrong with corporate sponsorship of editorial content, provided the topic is far enough away from the sponsor’s product offering and still close enough to the publisher’s editorial beat.

What do you think — is Mashable selling out or is it building a better editorial product through creative advertising partnerships?

  1. # Jayson said: October 27th, 2010 at 6:10 am

    very nice i like the pen sketch it works very well.

    cheers from Jay

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