Making Ad Targeting Less Creepy

Great suggestions by Battelle (Searchblog) on improving online ad targeting — both for those who feel stalked and for the stalkers.

“As I’ve said a million times, marketing is a conversation. And retargeted ads are part of that conversation. I’d like to suggest that retargeted ads acknowledge, with a simple graphic in a consistent place, that they are in fact a retargeted ad, and offer the consumer a chance to tell the advertiser ‘Thanks, but for now I’m not interested.’ Then the ad goes away, and a new one would show up.

Facebook already does something similar, as Battelle points out. So do the story-list ads on Digg (“DiggAds“).

Hide Button on DiggAds

“And when a consumer says ‘no thanks,’ as any good salesperson knows, that’s an opportunity to learn. No rarely means no forever. Marketing is a conversation, one with more than one exchange. Just because the first one isn’t a sale, doesn’t mean the next one (or the one after that) can’t be. Especially if you have the good graces to know when to pull back into the wings for a while.”


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