Boot Dermocare and McCann Create Racy Ads for Thailand, Coverage is Global

Here’s a print ad for Boot Dermocare created by McCann Bankok, ostensibly designed for audiences in Asia, and presumably too racy for American magazine readers. (Censorship courtesy of the ChasNote design team; full version below.)

Boot Dermocare Knees Ad, Censored

Predictably, a wide range of US and UK advertising sites republished the ad. Is that the intent? Give North American and European brands and agencies plausible deniability (“Oh dear! That wasn’t us! That smut was created by a distant subsidiary when we weren’t looking!”), while at the same time providing them, through the magic of social media, a global audience for their more eye-catching if controversial creative? (BK is king of this practice.) Sneaky but smart.

Meanwhile, here’s the full version. You thought what?! Those are her toes!

Boot Dermocare Uncensored

(Hat tip to Nicole Williams, who as far as I can gather is the world’s leading authority on NSFW advertising creative.)

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