Six Apart's Sponsored-Question Ad Units, Sprint Takes Test-Drive

Sprint Sponsored Conversation Ad Unit on Six Apart

Above is Sprint’s “TypePad Conversation,” a sponsored unit that runs across Six Apart blog sites. From :

“Six Apart has developed an ad format that uses sponsored questions to help brands engage with blog audiences. Called TypePad Conversations, the product consists of a module that publishers can embed on their pages and use to spark conversations with readers in a sponsored format. Reader responses appear on the individual sites where the module is hosted, and can also be aggregated in a hub on the advertiser’s site, Facebook page, or standalone destination.”

Adotas is calling it the .

I bet this format is going to be a winner. Reminds me of the idea from Dice and its agency Modem Media / Digitas, a project Bernie Albers (now at Six Apart) and I had the chance to work on back in 2006 when we were both at Federated Media. Congrats to Bernie, David Tokheim, Andrew Anker and Chris Alden at Six Apart; and to the Sprint team, which includes Elizabeth Paynter and Sara Devine at Mindshare, and Stephanie Wilroy, Starla West and Rich Pesce at Sprint.

  1. # Bernie Albers said: May 13th, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Huge thanks to the entire ChasNote editorial and product review team for the kudos!

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