We Hate the Ads on YouTube and Hulu, But Keep on Watching

According an study, forty percent of 18-to-24 year-olds and twenty percent of 25-to-38 year-olds “hate” advertising on YouTube and Hulu. Below chart (and further analysis) from .

Young People Hate Ads on YouTube and Hulu

Hate is a pretty strong sentiment. I mean it’s one thing to be annoyed or to check the box on a survey that says you’d consider paying for content to reduce the ad clutter on your favorite site (even if you’re lying). But hate, wow. That sent me to Compete and Alexa to see just how fast viewers are abandoning those two sites. But I found no such thing.

Compete shows unique visitors to YouTube growing over the past year, from 70-some-odd million uniques in early 2009 to nearly 98 million in January 2010. February and March are down from the January peak, to around 91 million uniques — December 2009 levels. Hulu unique visitor counts over the past year have been bouncing from 6 million to 8.5 million, with a high-water mark at 9.1 million in December 2009, and back to the 7.5 to 8.5 million range in the first quarter of 2010.

Alexa says YouTube’s global pageviews are down 1.64% over the past 3 months, but they’re up 3.58% in the most recent month and up almost 25% yesterday.

Alexa on YouTube

At least in the case of YouTube and Hulu, at least for now, ad hatred does not correspond to audience abandonment.

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